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Expectations and Benefits for Our Families
Cooperative preschools rely on parent involvement in order to keep tuition low and provide a quality academic environment for our students.

What is expected of Willow Creek parents?

· Payment of monthly tuition and a non-refundable $35 registration fee.

· Attendance at annual parent orientation meeting and general membership meetings.

· Volunteer in the classroom 1-2 times a month, depending on class size and length of month.

· For some class sessions you will also provide a healthy snack for the class.

· Participation in all fundraising activities. Fundraising includes one Fall fundraiser and one Spring fundraiser. In the past, the Fall fundraiser has consisted of ticket raffles, candy sales, popcorn sales, etc. The Spring fundraiser has been Silent Auctions or volunteering to work the Texas Holdem Tournaments that benefit the school. Fundraisers are determined by the membership board at the beginning of the school year and may vary from year to year.

· Participation in one of the membership job committees.


Willow Creek Cooperative Preschool Constitution.pdf


WCCP Bylaws Updated June 2013.pdf


· Contribution of time, talent and ideas to maintain and improve the success and growth of the preschool.


Benefits of Cooperative Preschools:

For the parents

· Parent involvement with children in a hands-on learning environment.

· Affordable tuition.

· Sharing special times and memories with your child.

· A voice in making policies and a vote on decisions.

· Time to observe your child with other young children in a group setting.

· A place to make use of your talents.

· Access to experts on child development at educational conferences.


For the Children

· A safe and nurturing environment.

· A parent who participates in their child’s education.

· An atmosphere in which they are encouraged to be curious and creative.

· A teacher who is always there for them.

· A place designed and equipped especially for them to try out new activities and ideas.

· Interaction with other children.